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80s & 90s Tribute: Rubiks Groove on Skydeck

Oct 2nd


80s & 90s Tribute: Rubiks Groove on Skydeck - hero

What’s up home skillet? Throw on your scrunchies and your neon for the ultimate 80s and 90s party with Rubiks Groove!

Meet us on Skydeck, Nashville’s Largest Rooftop for this totally rad throwback party.

You’ll want to come early for dinner and drinks at Assembly Hall on Level 2. There are 30+ eateries and bars to choose from!

Skydeck opens at 1pm daily cocktails and the best views in all of Nashville.

The Skydeck on Broadway is Located on Level 3 of Assembly Hall in the Fifth & Broadway development.



The “Rubiks Groove” solved!

After a near fatal bike accident, the cancellation of his tv show, absolute devastation over learning that the Alamo did not have a basement, and oh yeah, a little jail time for subsequent unmentionable improprieties, Pee Widdy awoke one day to a clear blue sky and the sweet spring sounds of his favorite 80’s (& 90’s) music coming out of a back alley.

With great exuberance unmatched since his Tony Award caliber performance to Tequila in an unknown biker bar, he pursued the sound- quickly stumbling upon America’s top 80’s (& 90’s) dance band Rubiks Groove- rehearsing in the infamous Cobra Kai Dojo. Upon meeting the familiar sensai- Johnny, Pee Widdy immediately won the favor of the incredibly good looking and talented star- asserting that Daniel LaRusso got in a lucky crane kick and that Johnny was clearly the superior warrior who rightfully deserved the All Valley Tournament trophy, the beautiful Ali Mills, the 1950’s canary yellow Chevy convertible, and subsequent stardom in such Hollywood blockbusters as Crossroads, Distant Thunder, and Beer League.

Impressed by his assessment, Johnny offered Pee Widdy the position of co-lead vocalist of Rubiks Groove and he quickly accepted. Since that fateful day, Johnny, Pee Widdy & the rest of the band have pursued musical 80’s, 90’s and now 00’s excellence with an undeterred I Know You Are But What Am I / Sweep The Leg fervor that has shown the competition NO MERCY!


There are 30+ eateries and bars to choose from at Assembly Hall.

Event Dates

Oct 02

80s & 90s Tribute: Rubiks Groove on Skydeck

Sat, October 2nd 9:00pm

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