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Martinis That Matter

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Martini’s That Matter

We’ve teamed up with Tito’s this Holiday Season to participate in Martinis That Matter! For every select martini purchased in the month of December, Tito’s will donate $1 to Tracy Lawrence’s Mission:Possible up to $5,000!

Our Martinis of the Month:

Let it Snow

Tito’s, Peppermint Bark Cream Liqueur, Godiva, St. Georges Nola Coffee Liqueur, Espresso

Winter Wonderland

Tito’s, Rosemary Infused Triple Sec, Spiced Cranberry, Lime

What is Tracy Lawrence’s Mission:Possible?

Tracy Lawrence’s Mission:Possible  exist to raise support and awareness of the homeless population in Middle Tennessee and beyond. The organization was launched in 2006 with its initial fundraising event, Mission:Possible Turkey Fry. Which has provided over 90,000 meals to the homeless and hungry of Middle Tennessee. Overall, Mission:Possible has raised over two MILLION dollars.

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