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New Fall Cocktail Menu

New Fall Cocktail Menu - hero

New Cocktail Menu Coming in HOT!

We’ll definitely cheers to that! Check out below what’s hitting each of our bars and join us in plotting which ones we have to try first. Spoiler alert – it’s tough to choose! And we’ve got a little something for everyone…

Antics at Agave:

Rising from the dead just in time for spooky season…meet the Zombie! Featuring some seasonal elements such as cinnamon and pomegranate, this cocktail also includes citrus notes as well as rum. Black sugar rim on this one incoming!

El Pepino is our spin on the spicy marg, and we’ve added refreshing cucumber! Sip on the tastes of cucumber, tequila, sour zing, jalapeño, and more. Things are heating up!

Our Modern Paloma, a take on the classic paloma, includes some amaro, bringing in herbal and sweet notes to complement the grapefruit and tequila. Our mouths are WATERING for this one!

Boozing at Blush:

Everyone’s got their hall passes, and here’s ours! Hall Pass has high quality ingredients such as sparkling Brut, vodka, and equally sweet and fresh purees resulting in a bubbly dreamsicle-like cocktail that’ll have you in looove.

Move over Kacey Musgraves, a Space Cowgirl is in town! This cocktail, with tastes of vodka, strawberry, pomegranate, pineapple, and coconut, is practically a bouquet in a coupe. If fruity is your drink vibe, look no further!

Calling all bachelorettes celebrating their Last Rodeo, we’ve got juuust the thing for you ladies. You might’ve heard of the Last Word cocktail, but we’ve one-upped it and made it into a drink bursting with Aperol, tequila, and strawberry-raspberry yumminess. And how cute is the garnish?

Have a Few at Homegrown:

Someone queue up Sweater Weather by The Neighbourhood for this cocktail! This vodka drink is a dreamy mix of pineapple, pear, and hazelnut that feels like wearing a warm sweater on a cold autumn day.

Time to get smashed…but make it seasonal! Our Apple Smash is a delicious mixture of apple, ginger, vodka, and cinnamon. It’s basically like an apple pie fresh out of the oven mixed with a Moscow Mule!

Catch the Next Flight Out with us to a dreamy beachy destination to escape the incoming cold! Gin, passionfruit, lemon, and even more deliciousness are all mixed together in this cocktail to give you a moment to reminisce on sweet summertime!

Sips in Single Barrel:

An oldie but a goodie! Meet our Pecan Old Fashioned, with tastes of rye whiskey, pecans, brown sugar, and orange bitters, this is a perfect fall twist on a classic.

As Taylor Swift once said, August slipped away like a moment in time…but at least we’ve still got The Augustus! With bourbon, hints of amaro, pear, and walnut, you’ll be warmed from the inside out with this bevvy.

Alerting all espresso martini lovers, we’ve got a little something something for you! The Evolver is an espresso martini approach that you’ve never seen before with tastes of brandy, walnut, apple, and coffee. This one is seriously like autumn in a cup!

One More Place to Highlight…One More Cocktail Club:

Say hellooo to our little friend, the Pecan Vieux Carre! This drink features pecan rye, notes of vanilla, and bitters. With a snack of a garnish to top it all off, you’ve gotta try this one.

What time is it? It looks like it’s Tiki Time to us! This cute and fruity drink is a mixture of rum, tastes of strawberry and lemon, a hint of spice, along with blueberry. Yes please!

We’re bringing the Big Apple to Music City with our totally dreamy Manhattan Sour. In this coupe you’ll find bourbon, a bit of sangria, egg white, and tastes of lemon, cinnamon, and honey! YUM.

Hug me brotha! Order our new Kentucky Hug if you’re looking for a bourbon and pumpkin spice concoction with a hot garnish – and we mean that literally – this drink is topped with a flamed cinnamon stick!

Feeling thirsty yet? Yeah, us too.

Come meet us at our bars to taste everything that caught your eye. Cheers!

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