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Titans Watch Parties

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Titan Up Nashville, It's Game Day!

Nothing says Fall quite like football. Lucky for you, for all remaining home and away games, we’ve got THE destination to round up all your buddies and cheer on our beloved Tennessee Titans! Huge projector screens, countless TVs and enough space to bring the whole squad, what more could you need? It’s a football lover’s dream.

Game. Day. Grub.

Bring your linebacker-sized appetite, because we’ve got anything and everything for you to snack on while you watch the games! If you’re feeling pizza, Desano Pizzeria has you covered. With 15+ delicious authentic Italian pies, calzones, fresh salads, and dessert pizzas, this place is seriously a pizza lover’s dream.

You know we have to have ‘em – game day chicken wings! Check it out, Thai Esane has Bangkok Wings that are deep fried and tossed in chili sauce. Seriously, we’re drooling!

Cheers to the first downs, touchdowns, or even just because!

As passionate football lovers, things can get heated – don’t worry, we scream at the TV too. Cool down with an ice-cold beer bucket or treat yourself to a delicious Jack and Coke, available at all of our bars!

Sunday just became the best day of the week! See you soon!

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