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Istanbul Shawarma

Mediterranean street food has never looked this good...and Chef Uygar Argun knows it. Wood-fired meat, Turkish spices, and traditional Mediterranean cuisine will mesmerize your taste buds for an unforgettable meal. The handmade baklava and freshly brewed Turkish tea will transport you to the beautiful city of Istanbul with just one sip.

Hours of Operation
  • Sunday - Thursday 10:30AM - 9PM
  • Friday - Saturday 10:30AM - 11PM
Istanbul Shawarma - hero


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Chef - Uygar Argun

Uygar Argun

Chef Uygar Argun met traditional cuisine, where his father worked when he is a child. He graduated from Istanbul gastronomy and culinary arts in 2010. After his experience with traditional Anatolian cuisine and Italian cuisine in various hotels, he worked as a demo chef in Istanbul, well known traditional Anatolian cuisine restaurant. Uygar made traditional Anatolian cuisine meals for one of the famous ready-made food companies  in the country and achieved degrees in various local competitions. "It is said that the best thing that brings people together in Anatolia traditional is a fantastic meal. I want to bring people together at the table of this city, which combines two different continents like ”ISTANBUL.”'

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