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But first, breakfast.

But first, breakfast. - hero


You know what they say! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. That’s why we’ve decided to open our doors at 8 am, so that you can start your day off happy and full. Prince’s Hot Chicken is now serving breakfast and you don’t want to miss it!

Even if you’re not a morning person, these breakfast items will make you want to jump out of bed!



Prince's Breakfast Menu

Prince’s Hot Chicken has done it again with their brand new breakfast menu. Between the Hot Chicken Biscuit and the Mini Cinnamon Roll Cupcake, every item tells the story of Prince’s with bold and delicious flavor.

  • Hot Chicken Biscuit
  • Hot Chicken Wrap
  • Turkey Sausage Biscuit
  • Bacon Biscuit
  • Egg + Cheese Biscuit
  • Fresh Fruit Parfait
  • Hash Rounds
  • Mini Strawberry Lemonade Cupcake
  • Mini Cinnamon Roll Cupcake

Brunch Favs

If you’re not an earlier riser, don’t worry. We still have plenty of brunch items for those who like to start their day a little later.

Donut Distillery

Head to Donut Distillery for their famous mini donut treats, gourmet coffee, and tasty milkshakes. (Pro Tip: Try them spiked 😉 )

Choose between their signature donut menu or be creative and create your own donut!


The Liege Waffle Co.

Waffles > Pancakes. And if you don’t agree, you need to try The Liege Waffle Co.

Made with brioche-style dough and imported Belgian pearl sugar, Liege Waffles are the ultimate breakfast treat. Choose between savory, sweet, or a Wafflelini sandwich every morning.

Check out their menu HERE.

Whisk Crêpes Café

These French café inspired crêpes are no short of perfection. Transport your tastebuds every morning when you get breakfast at Whisk Crêpes Café.

If you’re on the savory side, we suggest the La Complete: egg, ham, gruyere, swiss, dijon, chives, greens.

If you’re feeling sweet, try out the Midnight in Paris: raspberries, chocolate sauce, whipped cream, chocolate ice cream.

Don’t forget to wash it down with a delicious drip coffee.

See the full menu HERE.

Stay tuned for more breakfast additions from your favorite eateries!

We’ll see you bright and early.

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